Bruce Andrews Symposium, Pg 2

What follows is the audio from Bruce Andrews’ reading at the December 7, 2012, symposium. Below it are the texts of the poems. All are previously unpublished, except for “Rock `n’ Rule,” which appeared at Joyland Poetry blog. (If you want to follow the texts as Andrews’ reads them, you will need to open this page again in another tab and then toggle, using one tab for the audio and the other for the texts. The poems appear in the order in which they were read.)

Audio of Bruce Andrews’ Reading—December 7, 2012


Rock `n’ Rule (performance text for duet with Sally Silvers)

Kay Rosen Material (for a proposed collaboration)

The Answerizer, B-6 & C-1

Assassins (from Sally Silvers & Dancers’ `Bonobo Milkshake’)

Dance Mortised (from `Success Without Goals’)


Bruce Andrews Symposium, Pg 3: Ted Pearson’s Appreciation

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