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Mark Wallace—Featured Artist

Bruce Andrews Symposium—special section

1. Poetry—Perez, Lewis, Schickling 
2. Poetry—Tweedy, Nasdor, Allegrezza, Lurie
3. Poetry—Svoboda, Kasimor, Murphy, Good, Hansen
4. “Outsider” Poetry—Folz, VonBargen, Heuring, Drowns, Ryan
5. Fiction—Shipman, Sanders, Zhang
6. Fiction—Miller, McConigley, Nice
7. Visual Poetry—Bennett, Foley, Casoly, Cassidy
8. Audio Poetry—Shmailo, Brannen, Herrick, Davis
9. Video Poetry—Moss, Herrick, Frazer, Cancel
10. Asemic TV—And, Chapman & Crouch
11. Asemic TV—Appel, Giovenale, Collier, Vassilakis
12. Jazz Poetry Videos—Wallenstein, Gordon, IRON DOG, Dalachinsky, Berry
13.  Chris Bates’ “New Hope”
14. Genre-Bumping Strings—Bates, Rajasekar, Jones, Granros
15. Genre-Bumping Strings—Crispell, mAcdonald, Mother Banjo
16. On Music—Millikan, Canter, Clouser
17. Visual Art—Wright, Bennett, Davis, Kantor, Bilyk
18. Film—Chapman, Davis, Kuhn
19. Reviews

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After the feature on Mark Wallace and the special focus on Bruce Andrews, work in galleries is arranged with an eye toward playing with and off musical elements implicit in the pieces: harmony, disharmony, tone, atonality, tone-lock, rhythm, and so on. The galleries are long, so be sure to scroll all the way to a terminal point, where you will find two links, one to the next gallery and a second to the contents page.

Galleries themselves are also arranged to play with and off of the others that surround them.

Some of the galleries were the work of guest editor/curators: Mary Kasimor and Susan Lewis (poetry), Amelia Gray (fiction), Michael Jacobson (filmed asemic writing), and Vernon Frazer (jazz poetry videos.) All work was curated by the editors, with the exception of the asemic films, which I curated.

All videos and audios are used with the express permission of the artists, with the exception of the Miles Davis video which is used by Todd Clouser to illustrate the points he is making in his essay..

All artists are also fully represented on a solo page specific to them in the “Artists Listed in Alphabetical Order.” This, however, would ideally be treated as an index. Moving through the journal using it would create a kind of mish-mash.

—Jefferson Hansen, editor & publisher

Submissions for 4 ARE CLOSED. We reopen for submission in November, 2013. Most work is solicited. For audios and videos, send the link. For photos, send in .jpg format. And this is new: for text, send in pdf format saved as Arial 12-point font with inch margins, unless there is a good reason to deviate. Send exactly as you would like it to appear in the journal, and be sure to proofread. Bios should be no longer than four sentences and contain only one link.

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I personally dedicate this issue to Wang Ping & the living struggle for justice.
—Jefferson Hansen, editor